Oil Boiler Servicing

Why use Tincknell Heating for your boiler servicing?

Tincknell Heating are the West Country's premier Heating Company offering over 60 years of expertise in maintaining and installing Boilers. Our high quality Boiler Service is specially designed to maximise the efficiency and reliability of your boiler, therefore making the most your system and helping to protect the environment.

The service is carried out by one of our OFTEC trained engineers to a very high standard. In addition to the service , we are able to test the water in your radiator system to confirm not only how clean the system is, but how much inhibitor is present.

What is Our high quality service?

Using the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last 60 years we have designed a quality service proceedure. This is specifically designed to maximise every drop of fuel to ensure our customers receive maximum reliability from their boiler when it counts. Every one of our customers receives value for money and meticulous attention to detail using our servicing.

What do we do during a service?

Strip and clean the combustion chamber and flue ways removing baffles and cleaning to provide a maximum flow of hot gases to the water jacket.

Replace burner nozzle to ensure perfect even flame and maximise the burners potential keeping fuel consumption to an absolute minimum.

Adjust pump pressure to ensure perfect fuel atomisation and flame travel with combustion chamber ensuring that the burner output meets specification and full power is avaliable on those cold nights.

Clean filtration where fitted and check for the presence of water in the tank and oil line. The presence of water in the fuel can lead to major breakdowns in cold weather as the water freezes and blocks the oil line.

Test the quality of the water in the heating system and advise customers of the presence of corrosion inhibitor. This is to prevent and control the presence of black sludge which can drastically reduce the systems efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

Check and clean the photocell to ensure correct operation and replace if there are any signs of deterioration. This is common cause of breakdowns.

Replace the oil line every two years if the Tincknell long life type is fitted. They are guaranteed for two years in service. The failure of an oil line can lead to major pollution within the house and can have devastating consequences if not properly addressed. To date we have never recorded failure of one of our oil lines within our safety policy.

Check the Tank installation for safety and security to ensure deliveries can be made safely.

Ensure the installation meets all the safety criteria as laid down by OFTEC, including ventilation.

Fire the burner and set the air fuel ratio by use of a digital combustion analyser for maximum performance and economy and record the gas emissions on the record card and service sheet.

The above is not an exhaustive list, we will carry out the service to Oftec and Manufactures’ specifications

To book your service, simply call us on 01749 678828 or book online.
We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a convenient time for your service.

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